Curricula and Training Materials

Title: My Voice, My Choice
Description: My Voice, My Choice is a curriculum for self-advocates and others interested in system change related to self-determination, community integration, and financial responsibility.

Title: Self-Determination Curriculum
Description: The Self Determination Synthesis Project (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) provides a list of available curriculum materials that can be used to teach self-determination knowledge or skills, or selected component skills of self-determination (e.g., choice making, problem solving).

Title: Tools for Mentoring Adolescents
Description: Tools for Mentoring Adolescents were developed by the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota in collaboration with the Search Institute to support and strengthen relationships between mentors and mentees.

Title: The Arc's Self-Determination Scale
Description: The Arc's Self-Determination Scale (Adolescent Version) is a student self-report measure of self-determination designed for use by adolescents with cognitive disabilities. The scale has 2 primary purposes:

- To provide students with cognitive disabilities and educators a tool that assists them in identifying student strengths and limitations in the area of self-determination; and

- To provide a research tool to examine the relationship between self-determination and factors that promote/inhibit this important outcome.
Source: EST

Title: Jabbers Dreams n' Goals Game
Description: The Riot! has created Jabbers Dreams n' Goals - a game that helps people to think about their life and develop life goals. After
playing the game, participants will have a better idea of the kinds of dreams and goals they
have and which ones they want to work on.
Source: EST

Title: Jabbers Gifts 'n Giving Game
Description: The Riot! has created Jabbers Gifts 'n Giving - a game that helps people to think about what non-material gifts they have that they can
give to somebody else. The idea is to match up what players have to give with what others may
need. Using this game in tandem with Jabbers Dreams n’ Goals works great!
Source: EST

Title: Disability History and Awareness: A Resource Guide
Description: This resource guide, developed with input from the Florida Youth Council YITRC, contains a list of ideas designed to help schools and school districts in Florida that want to do more to promote disability history and awareness.

The guide also includes a copy of Florida's Disability History and Awareness Legislation (drafted in part by the Florida Youth Council), a parent letter template, a flier highlighting the contributions of select individuals with disabilities, information for teachers on how to include disability awareness in the curriculum, and documents on disability etiquette and people first language. Also included is a listing of Web sites that contain a variety of games, activities and lesson plans that can be integrated within an overall curriculum for students at all levels.
Source: Florida Youth Council

Title: Speak Up! Action Manual for Peer Leader Teams
Description: The Speak Up! Action Manual for Peer Leader Teams is designed for any youth who want to:
  • Learn about self advocacy

  • Practice tools for making choices and decisions about their future

  • Find support and resources about subjects that interest them

Youth peer leader teams can use the Speak Up! Manual to work with other youths. The Speak Up! Manual has:
  • Activities

  • Scenes/role plays

  • Resources

  • Discussion ideas

A team of youth reviewers provided ideas for the manual.
Source: Youths for Advocacy

Title: Disability History and Awareness Month Web site
Description: Virginia Commonwealth University's Partnership for People with Disabilities has a new Disability History and Awareness Month Web site. This Web site has information on resources and activities that can be used to teach disability history and to raise awareness.

To see the page, click on the above link and then click on the "Disability Awareness" link.
Source: Virginia Center for Self-Advocacy Leadership

Title: Self-Advocacy BINGO
Description: These three BINGO packages, designed by Advocating Change Together (ACT) are a fun, easy way to introduce folks to the highlights of self-advocacy and disability history, basic elements of leadership and ideas and inspiration for working together. These BINGO packages are designed for large meetings and conferences. BINGO is a game, an icebreaker, and an informational activity all rolled into one. Groups can play the game once or many times throughout an event.

Cost is $49.95 each.
Source: EST

Title: Making the Move to Managing Your Own PAS
Description: Are you a young person with a disability preparing to make the transition to adulthood? Is the thought of managing your personal assistance services a bit overwhelming?

In their newest publication, Making the Move to Managing Your Own Personal Assistance Services (PAS) for Youth with Disabilities Transitioning to Adulthood, NCWD-Youth and Hei Tech Services, Inc. provide the details and tools needed to help transition-age youth with disabilities, their families and friends navigate the world of PAS.

Filled with personal stories, sample ads and job descriptions, and a host of other resources and worksheets, this toolkit equips young people to identify their personal assistant needs, search for services, and manage their assistants. It is the ideal practical workbook to help any young person with a disability consider both the personal and systemic aspects of personal assistance services.

For more information and to download the Making the Move to Managing Your Own Personal Assistance Services (PAS) Toolkit for Youth with Disabilities Transitioning to Adulthood, visit
Source: NCLD