Leadership Development

Title: Association of Youth Leadership Forums
Description: It is the purpose of the Association of Youth Leadership Forums (AYLF) to improve employment and independent living outcomes of youth with disabilities transitioning from high school by promoting throughout the United States and its territories, the replication of the California Model: Youth Leadership Forum for Students with Disabilities (YLF). The AYLF Web site contains the contact information for AYLF state representatives.

Title: Emerging Leaders
Description: The Emerging Leaders Web site highlights internship and leadership development opportunities for students with disabilities.

Title: Sharing our Strengths
Description: Sharing Our Strength's (SOS) is Missouri's parent-to-parent/peer support network for parents of children with developmental disabilities or special healthcare needs, individuals with disabilities, and professionals.

Title: Checklist for Enhancing the Participation and Input of People with Disabilities
Description: In many ways, consumers are the best experts on their disabling conditions, including their own needs for support and the effectiveness and quality of programs. As a result, obtaining consumer participation and input at all stages of program design, implementation, evaluation and quality assurance is important. Effectively and efficiently involving consumers and obtaining their input, however, requires creative and innovative methods. This checklist will help to enhance full participation.
Source: EST

Title: DC EPFP Fellowship
Description: EPFP is a professional development program for emerging and mid-level leaders in public and private organizations whose professional passion is education. The program’s mission is to prepare these individuals for greater responsibility in creating and implementing sound public policy in education and related fields. The DC EPFP site is now recruiting for the 2008-09 Fellowship Year.

Participation in EPFP broadens professional, peer assistance networks, and increases knowledge about “what works, where” in terms of improving outcomes for all children and youth.

Please click on the above link to learn about the DC program and to download application materials. Feel free to contact the DC EPFP Coordinators, Scott Spicer ( or Elizabeth Partoyan ( for more information. Interested individuals also can contact the EPFP Office, Stefani Wilcox ( if they have questions or need additional information.
Source: ADD

Title: Building Effective Youth Councils: A Practical Guide to Engaging Youth in Policy Making
Description: This guide, developed by the Forum for Youth Investment (, is designed to help states and localities create or strengthen their own youth councils. It is a synthesis of theory and practice that provides a general framework for thinking about youth councils, explaining the principles for youth action and the importance of youth engagement. It also incorporates advice and lessons from people in the field who have started or currently staff youth councils across the country.
Source: EST

Title: Leadership Toolkit
Description: The Becoming Leaders for Tomorrow (BLT) young adult Advisory Committee Members told BLT staff that they should provide training on topics, like leadership, self-advocacy, social skills, and transportation. As a result, BLT made videos (nearly 2 hours) of young adults sharing their hints and tips for other youth and young adults; parents; doctors; and other professionals.

BLT also made a guide book to go with the videos/DVD. The guide book is for facilitators. It provides some background and several discussion points and questions to use during training event. The DVD is in the back cover of the guide book.

A PDF version of the guide is available online; however, the vidoes are too large to post online. For organizations that provide leadership and transition training, contact your state's Family Voices Chapter to request a copy. For individuals who want a copy, please contact Al Romeo (
Source: BLT