Title: American Public Transportation Association
Description: The American Public Transportation Association Web site is designed to better inform the public about the benefits and importance of public transportation for all Americans and provides links to local public transportation Web sites and contact information. Click on a state to find out more about public transportation options in your community.

Title: Building an Individualized Transportation Plan
Description: This document, publishes by United We Ride (, describes the role of transportation in education, employment, health and human services; policies that impact local transportation in a community; and individual and family concerns. Also included are two templates, the first contains a series of discussion questions for people to consider when developing an individual transportation plan, and the second is an Individual Transportation Plan Template.

Title: Buses and Trains for Everyone
Description: The Buses and Trains for Everyone curriculum was developed with support from Easter Seals Project ACTION to teach concepts and skills needed to use public transportation. Buses and Trains for Everyone is targeted to children grades K-8 and teaches safety, travel etiquette, manners, and life and problem-solving skills. The curriculum includes alternative assessment standards for children with severe disabilities.

Title: FTA Toll-Free Assistance Line
Description: If you have any questions or concerns regarding public transportation for persons with disabilities, please contact the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Office of Civil Rights on their toll-free Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Assistance Line at 1-888-446-4511 or by e-mail at Please leave a message, and your questions or concerns will be addressed by a member of the FTA ADA Team. If you require specific technical assistance, your call will be directed to the appropriate FTA program office.

Title: One Vision. One Call
Description: This document is United We Ride's brochure for their One Vision. One Call. Program. The goal of the One Vision. One Call. Program is to make life easier for riders by helping those who schedule rides to build a more streamlined, unified transportation system.

Title: Youth Employment Transportation Briefs
Description: This link will direct you to the Community Transportation Association of America's four briefs on youth transportation. These briefs were funded with Employment & Training Administration/Department of Labor grant funds that expire March 31, 2008. Topics include:

- Overcoming Transportation Challenges for Youth
- Transportation For Youth in Minnesota, Recent Initiatives
- Federal Funding for Youth Employment-Related Transportation
- BerkshireRides Now Provides Transportation Access to Local Youth Programs
Source: ADD

Title: Easter Seals Project ACTION
Description: Easter Seals Project ACTION (Accessible Community
Transportation In Our Nation) is a national technical
assistance project that matches the interests of public
transportation and people with disabilities. Project ACTION’s
many resources are available free of charge to one-stop
centers, the transit industry, people with disabilities and their
advocacy and support organizations. They maintain a toll-free
hotline (1-800-659-6428), publications clearinghouse, bimonthly newsletter,
e-newsletter and many training and technical assistance
Source: EST

Title: Public Transportation Resources for Youth with Disabilities
Description: In acquiring skills, planning for higher education, preparing for jobs and successfully encountering transition, young people need a key element to support these activities: Transportation. There must be a way to get to the classroom, the work place and all the other destinations of community life. Young adults can find the independence through the use of public transportation.

Easter Seals Project ACTION offers several free resources specifically designed to facilitate the use of public transportation for students and young adults with disabilities.

- Public Transportation: The Route to Freedom A Transportation Education Program for Students with Disabilities in Grades 8-12

- Buses and Trains for Everyone

- You Can Ride

- Safe Transportation of Students with Disabilities: A Select National Resource List

- "But how do I get there?" Making the Transportation Link for Job Seekers with Disabilities

- Impact: Feature Issue on Meeting Transportation Needs of Youth and Adults with Developmental Disabilities
Source: EST

Title: Travel Training for Student Success
Description: Travel Training for Student Success: The Route to Achieving Post-Secondary Student Outcomes is a primer for school administrators interested in learning how high schools across the country are connecting students to travel training services. This resource includes the following:

- A document highlighting schools and other organizations that are currently offering travel training to students with disabilities, and

- Travel Training for Student Success: The Route to Achieving Post-Secondary Student Outcomes PowerPoint Presentation1.
Source: EST

Title: United We Ride National Dialogue Summary and Analysis
Description: In 2009 more than 3,500 stakeholders from all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia participated in the United We Ride National Dialogue. The National Dialogue asked the question, What ideas can improve access to affordable and reliable transportation for people with disabilities, older adults, and people with limited incomes? At the conclusion of the National Dialogue, an Independent Panel of Fellows of the National Academy of Public Administration identified emerging themes and key recommendations for the Federal Interagency Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility (CCAM).

This report contains a summary and analysis of those recommendations.
Source: EST

Title: Transportation to Work Toolkit for the Business Community
Description: The Transportation to Work Toolkit for the Business Community gives businesses the information they need now to assist their employees in achieving a timely, cost-efficient commute that promotes productivity and job satisfaction. Explore the toolkit's flyers, fact sheets, resources and examples of transportation initiatives undertaken by employers nationwide. Each approach is straightforward to launch and simple to manage.

The Joblinks "Transportation to Work Toolkit for the Business Community" was created with funding from the Office of Disability Employment Policy, U.S. Department of Labor, through a cooperative agreement between the Community Transportation Association of America and the Federal Transit Administration.
Source: EST